We are proud to offer the Precision Kinetic Collection, a hingeless glass shower door design that is perfect for every bathroom, custom-made to fit the needs of the décor and the client’s imagination. This outstanding collection of shower doors offers ½ inch Precision Starphire Glass. This ultra-clear glass adds a clarity and distinction to the Kinetic Collection that lends it a distinctive beauty and elegance. The ultra-smooth door mechanisms are guaranteed for life and are available in satin or a high polish. They provide years of smooth opening and closing, designed to increase the beauty of the doors and be hassle-free to own.

Because Precision Shower Doors are made right here in New Jersey, the quality is kept high while pricing is extremely reasonable for custom-made shower doors. Even the glass is manufactured by Precision Shower Doors in New Jersey to ensure that every glass door and wall meets their exacting standards. The materials used by Precision Shower Doors is always of the highest quality and hand selected by master craftspeople to ensure that every single shower door they make, whether the Precision Kinetic Collection or the Precision Peerless Collection, are guaranteed to be perfect and give years of reliable, low maintenance service.

The Kinetic Collection has timeless elegance and simplicity that fits every décor and is able to be integrated into future bathroom redesigns. The hingeless design, with the door suspend in a ‘zero gravity’ track, requires astounding precision and make these doors as much works of art and engineering prowess as a simple, practical, every day device.

The Shower Door Company offers Precision Shower Doors with the knowledge that there is no finer shower door manufacturer in the world. Made in the United States by master craftspeople, Precision is the only manufacturer that meets the Shower Door Company’s standards for excellence, service and top-of-the-line designs.