What to Look for When Buying a Shower Door or Shower Enclosure?

April 15th, 2014

There are thousands of shower door companies and contractors willing to do installations for you. Before you decide on someone to do an installation, make sure that you check a few things off of your list:

  • Measurements: Make sure the enclosure that is planned is the right height. The enclosure should be higher than the shower head, about 84 inches in the standard shower and 72 inches for a tub enclosure.
  • The glass: This might seem like an easy concept, but the reality is that the glass is the vast majority of the surface area. If it is low quality, then the entire installation may be a waste of money. We use Starphire Ultra Clear Glass. With this incredibly clear glass, it is easy to see through and keeps its beauty for years.
  • The protection: Heat, humidity and harsh cleaners can cloud glass quickly. In as little as a year, that clear glass that you paid for will become opaque. We use Clarvista coating on the glass. This sealed coating protects that glass for years, maintaining the clarity that you paid for.
  • Different thicknesses of glass: If your quote includes different thicknesses of glass, usually 3/8 and 1/2 inch glass mixed, it is usually because the hardware on the installation is inferior. It means that the hinges can handle 1/2 inch glass.
  • On-site quote: It is not usually necessary to have an on-site quote. If someone is insisting that this is necessary, it might be to be right in front of you to pressure you into buying an inferior installation.

Thirty years! That’s how long it has taken Precision Shower Doors to find the perfect combination of glass, designs and hardware. That’s what every shower door and shower enclosure that they make has in it. Luckily for you, it only takes about a week to get your own Precision Shower Door, from measuring, to manufacturing to installation.

Experts and masters at every stage! From the installation crew that measures and installs your shower door to the master craftspeople that make every sheet of glass right in Precision’s own factory, everyone involved in a Precision shower door or enclosure is an expert in their field.

Call us and let us give you the shower door, bath enclosure or shower enclosure that you need and will love for years.