Top Questions From Our Customers

March 07th, 2014


All complex frame-less enclosures should be manufactured with 1/2" glass.
It is not advisable to mix glass thickness on any given enclosure. A seller who advocates a 3/8” door and ½” panel may be doing so to compensate for lower quality hinges, which lack the capacity to carry a ½” door.

Precision Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass

Made with a proprietary low-iron formulation, Starphire ultra-clear glass by PPG is the industry’s clearest, most transparent glass. Unlike conventional clear glass, which gets darker and greener as it becomes thicker, the clarity of Starphire glass actually intensifies, . Because of its unparalleled clarity, Starphire glass also offers exceptional color fidelity.

Precision Clarvista Glass: Why is Precision Clarvista Glass important?

  • Glass looks newer – longer
  • Normal cleaning only to maintain
  • No periodic applications required to maintain
  • No more soap scum build up
  • No more mineral deposits
  • No buffing or polishing required
  • No peeling or discoloration
  • 10 year warranty

Hinges, Handles, Fittings

Hardware should be solid brass and of the highest quality. 12mm doors require 150lb hinges. A frameless glass enclosure should never utilize “U” channel. A properly templated, manufactured and installed enclosure should be directly bonded to the substraight.

Proper Height

Enclosure height should always be above the showerhead, typically 84” on a standard shower and 72” on a tub enclosure.