Clarity and Protection - The Clear Choice

January 06th, 2014

To most people, glass is an impervious solid that doesn’t corrode and will always look the same as the day you bought it. That’s not true. Glass is a porous substance. Harsh cleaning products, heat and humidity can corrode glass over time, making once clear glass hazy and murky.

Precision Shower Doors, unlike most other custom shower door manufacturers, manufactures their own glass. Their Clarvista Glass and Starphire Ultra-Clear gGlass is produced with a coating, fused to the glass that seals the glass to create a protective seal. This process ensures that the glass will remain crystal clear and beautiful for a very long time.

Starphire Glass is unique in that it contains 10% iron. This allows the glass to have an unparalleled level of clarity, all 91% of light through as opposed to comparable products that only allow 83% of light transmission.

Best of all, Precision Shower Doors doesn’t charge extra for these top quality features. They are part of their overall great products. Precision offers both the Precision Kinetic Collection and the Precision Peerless collection with these top quality, custom-made glasses. Because Precision offers the complete package, from estimate and removal to manufacture and installation of your new shower, you can be guaranteed that the glass that you paid for is installed well and will give your years of pleasure and beauty.
Please take a look at the website to see a video tour of the glass factory in Tinton Falls, NJ where these amazing, state-of-the-art glasses are made. Also, give Precision Shower Doors a call to find out about all of the options available to you in style of shower doors and these fantastic glass.