All Glass is Not Equal

February 13th, 2014

“Smooth as glass.” It’s a cliché, but it’s also a bit deceptive. Glass is not actually smooth, not all of it that is. One of the places in the home that inferior glass shows itself after a few years is on your shower doors. Years of moisture, corrosive cleaning chemicals, contact soaps and shampoos and water flowing over it will degrade the glass on normal shower in just a few years.

The worst part is that even a good manufacturer’s warranty won’t cover the degradation of your glass shower door.

Precision Clarvista is a patented glass protection that provides a truly smooth, ultra-hard surface. Because the surface is so smooth, chemicals, water and time can get a hold and degrade the glass. Precision Clarvista protection provides a surface that is guaranteed not to stain, degrade or lose clarity for years. The glass is heat-treated with an exclusive coating unlike anything available anywhere else. This gives the glass its ultra-smooth and non-porous finish.

Starphire Ultra Clear Glass provides the highest clarity of any shower door glass available anywhere. In a patented process that includes low level of iron gives Starphire Glass a clarity that is unsurpassed by anything else. In your bathroom, Starphire Ultra Clear Glass is sure to shine like a diamond.

No one wants to invest in a shower door and have to replace it in ten years or worse yet, in five. With Clarvista Protection and Starphire Ultra-Clear, home owners are guaranteed to have a shower door that will look amazing for years. Precision Shower Doors do not require any extra special care, just keep it clean and it will look like new for many years.
Only Precision Shower Doors in NJ provides these special glass formulations as standards with their shower doors. Their products are as well made as they are beautiful.
For anyone taking the time to renovate their bathroom and install a new shower door, it only makes sense to choose glass that will last for years and look wonderful. Choosing a cheaper option will leave you with a stained door in a short period of time, especially with hard water as many homes have in New Jersey.
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